20% off Pay-Once and dressage gear to get the most out of our Open House

20% off Pay-Once and dressage gear to get the most out of our Open House

July 21, 2021

Hello StarFam!

If you’re horse-obsessed, the Open House is especially thrilling. There’s so much horse-related fun to be had! Join tour quests to learn about the island’s glorious history on horseback, visit the pop-up petting zoo to cuddle cute animals, and hop in the saddle for three different races. This is just SOME of the great stuff happening!

Loads of you love the Open House because that’s where we showcase new variations of horse breeds, coat colors, and gear. It’s why we love it, too, which is why it’s been SOOO hard staying quiet about what’s in store. Who wouldn’t be excited about the new Arabian coat color? Oh! Whoops!

This two-week event is exclusive to Star Riders. If you’re simply too horse-mad to miss out and want to become a Star Rider to take part in the Open House, consider becoming a Star Rider for LIFE. Right now, we’re offering 20% OFF Pay-Once Star Rider!

Bundled in with this offer is a pile of sophisticated gear that matches the theme of this year’s Open House - dressage! DRESSAGE!

Here’s everything you’ll get in this bundle:


Full head-to-toe dressage outfit for you!
Full muzzle-to-tail dressage gear for your horse!
Your 20% discount on Pay-Once Star Rider!

Become a Star Rider!

This bundle expires at 07:00 UTC on 4 August 2021. The offer is available to everyone who is not currently a Pay-Once Star rider. The items in the bundle are also available to purchase in the game and can be used by players at level nine and up. This offer does not apply to mobile payments or gift cards in the Star Stable Store.

See you at the Open House!
Your friends at Star Stable ♥

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