Celebrating 10 years in the saddle!

Join the party

We're throwing a four week anniversary extravaganza that will transform Jorvik into one big birthday bash. Look for updates as we announce the fun stuff we have planned to make this a memorable occasion for everyone. Here's what's coming up now!

This redeem code is valid until October 12th, 2021.

Free gifts

What's a birthday without gifts? Look out for eight giveaways during our four week fiesta. Claim your limited time free birthday items here!





Exclusive Star Rider Birthday Bundles

  • Cake Hat
  • Horse Party Hat
  • Moonlit Magic Fox
  • Sagebrush Brown Bosal
  • Sagebrush Brown Saddle
  • Sagebrush Brown Saddle Pad
  • Sagebrush Brown Leg Wraps

One Month Birthday Bundle

  • Fripp Ears
  • Horse Party Hat
  • Pet Cat
  • Fabulous Birthday Balloon
  • Medieval Black & Silver Hackamore
  • Ebony Classic Jumping Saddle
  • Licorice Leg Open Front Boots
  • Natural White Diamond Quilt Saddle Pad
  • Breezy Saddle Pad
  • Rex Stamper Purple Saddle Pad

Pay Once Birthday Bundle

As we mark the end of our first decade in Jorvik, we invite you to start the next one as a Star Rider! Grab one of our Star Rider Birthday Bundles to get all the usual benefits plus everything we have planned during our anniversary celebrations. You'll also unlock fantastic bonuses, like party gear, tack, Star Coins, and more!

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Limited-edition Star Coin Birthday Bundles

  • Pandorian Party Saddle
  • Pandorian Party Saddlepad
  • Pandorian Party Bridle
  • Pandorian Party Legwraps
  • Pandorian Party Saddlebag
  • Pandorian Party Sweater
  • Pandorian Party Top
  • Pandorian Party Pants
  • Pandorian Party Wreath
  • Pandorian Party Shoes
  • Pandorian Party Gloves

Party set

  • Retro Birthday Saddle
  • Retro Birthday Saddlepad
  • Retro Birthday Bridle
  • Retro Birthday Legwraps
  • Retro Birthday Saddlebag
  • Retro Birthday Top
  • Retro Birthday Pants
  • Retro Birthday Helmet
  • Retro Birthday Shoes
  • Retro Birthday Gloves

Retro set

  • Cat

Loveable Birthday Cat

Get in the party mood with these playful Star Coin Birthday Bundles. While you fill your saddlebags with Star Coins, snag cute and cheerful bonuses like frilly party hats, retro celebration gear, and the lovable Birthday Cat. Birthday treats are packed into 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000 Star Coin packages!

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Starshine Legacy re release

Play the iconic game that started it all. That's right, Starshine Legacy is back! Relive the earliest adventures of the Soul Riders in Jorvik as it was before Star Stable Online in this four-part series. It's been updated from the original CD-ROM format to an online game so old and new players can recapture the magic.

Play Starshine Legacy here

10th anniversary celebration song

Star Stable Music has brought together the unique talents of DJ Kai, Nomi, Lisa Peterson, and The Miscreants in a special anniversary track. This uplifting single, "Celebration”, is a groundbreaking collaboration that will get you dancing down memory lane!

A decade on the girls' side

A lot of people assumed Star Stable Online was an attempt to empower girls. Nope. Girls are strong. We knew that. The game was our way of giving girl gamers space to say to the world this is who I am and to be heard. This short film, Star Stable: A Mad Idea, marks our first decade of being on the girls' side and stands as a tribute to the strength of our community.