Bug Fixes

Bug fix report alert! Here's the list of some of the latest bugs we've slayed and what date the fixes are released.

These bug fixes/patch notes will only be published in English. This page will be updated once to twice a month, however, we'll provide more updates if the situation calls for it!

Fixed issues in the update on 24 May (includes hotfixes)

  • Cloud textures fail to load in soul riding missions

  • HUD locked if player skips welcome story message on iOS

  • Spider #5 is missing in Mistfall

  • Incorrect Star Coin prices for the manes on a few breeds

  • The wild weave Portal Button is not visible

  • Facial accessories are not rendering properly when the player is far away

  • Call/Follow/Lead are not working properly

  • Half of Horse Level Up Tutorial appears after inspecting a reward/unlock card

Fixed issues in the updates between 26 April - 17 May 

  • Duplicates of Linda, Meteor, Starshine, and Lisa are present in "Storm Over Devil's Gap"

  • Cows and sheep cannot be herded

  • Quest "Over the Sea in Aideen's Footsteps" can be exploited for additional XP

  • Repeatable quest with Avalon and Lisa can be exploited for additional XP

  • Camera locks after receiving "Must be mounted" pop-up while on foot in "Trial Run"

  • Baroness Racetrack does not count towards Championship achievements

  • "Born to be wild" achievement not received despite being done correctly

  • Some players cannot complete in "Good news about Meteor"

  • Some players cannot complete in "Permission and Runsticks"

  • Some players cannot complete in "To the grove"

  • Marigolds spawn before "Lisa's Homecoming" becomes available

  • Pandoric cracks have no quest marker on the map or in the world

  • Wrong German translation for Token item

  • Invisible leftover collisions from GED Containers in "James in trouble" create an invisible wall

  • Linda disappears after relogging in "Keystone Delivery"

  • Players turning into cars

  • Moorland Championship - The white blocks supporting pink bars used as obstacles during the Race are missing collision

  • Silversong Pony Championship - Edges of the red jump obstacles have smaller collision than their mesh

  • Pop-up preventing players from interacting with Fripp in main quests

  • Linda is missing for some players in quest "We Need Linda too"

  • Opening Sive's journal entry may cause the game to crash