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Jorvik Wild Horse




Level 9


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One does not “break” a Jorvik Wild Horse. These horses choose their rider. When you bond with one, it is a mutual exchange of trust. Do you have what it takes to befriend a Jorvik Wild Horse?






In ancient times, before humans stepped foot on Jorvik, a wild and primeval horse owned the lands. They thrived in the untamed wilderness, energized by the abundance of Pandoric energy. This horse is known today as the Jorvik Wild Horse.

Unlike feral horses who run freely, this breed has never been domesticated and bred by humans. They are creatures of the wild, alert to danger, and ready to defend their herd from threats.

Despite being a herbivore, the Jorvik Wild is an alpha of the wilderness. The Pandorian energy that courses through their blood causes other animals of the forest to treat them with reverence. The Druids of old wrote that there exists on Jorvik no creature or human so brave as a Jorvik Wild.

The Jorvik Wild’s way of socializing is different from most. As observant creatures, they are highly attentive to the aura of a person. If you’re lucky enough to bond with a Jorvik Wild, you’ll discover they are social creatures who flourish when surrounded by friends of all species and sizes.

The unusually thick coat of a Jorvik Wild defends them from the elements. Their ear tufts are not only adorable but help the Jorvik Wild to hear from great distances, amplifying the subtle sounds of the forest.

While Jorvik Wilds more commonly appear in natural colors like dappled palomino, blue roan, and bay, they can very rarely possess manes of glowing blue or fiery orange. These unnatural colors are a result of them living in an area of heightened magical energy.

Special movements: Lying down and getting up.

Special gait: Mezair.