Rainbow Festival Delayed

Rainbow Festival Delayed

5. Juni 2019

Hello, StarFam. After experiencing certain disruptions within the game today, we took the servers offline again after the regular update to address those disruptions. Due to network issues in our office, we have been unable to correct the issues entirely. Rather than keep the game offline, we will be turning on the servers without today's update. You'll still be able to play Star Stable exactly how it was this morning prior to the Rainbow Festival release. If you made any purchases or progress within the game, it will all be reverted but your Star Coins will be returned, don't worry!

The next step is going to be rebuilding our office network, which will hopefully be completed Thursday, meaning that we aim to have the Rainbow Festival available to you all again on Friday. That is our goal, but it may need to change and we will do our best to keep you updated. We are not able to post news on our website at this time due to the network being down, so share this information with all of your Jorvegian friends who may miss it on social media!

Thank you all so much for your support and patience today, it was a genuine bright spot in this super tough day!

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