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Ready to Ride a Reindeer?

2014-12-22 08:00:00
Hi everyone!
Welcome to this week's early Christmas update!

Update? On a Monday?!
It's time for the Christmas holidays, which means that this week and next week's updates will be on a Monday instead of a Wednesday... This Wednesday is Christmas Eve, so here's an update full of Christmas cheer!

Christmas is nearly here!
Christmas is nearly here!

Christmas is coming...
...and the Councilman in Silverglade is close to going crazy with all the pre-Christmas stress. He's got TONS to do, and it's beginning to look a lot like you're the only one who can save Christmas before he flips out. Ride over and see if there's a way you can help him out!

Christmas Shops
The Saint Lucia and Gingerbread sets are all sold out for this year, but worry not! The shelves are filling up with new and exciting things! Go and see what those Christmas-crazy ladies have got in stock for you!

Last Christmas
Those of you who remember last year's Christmas quests will be happy to hear that we've brought back the best bits! Once you've helped Santa Claus make sure Jarlaheim has a proudly decorated tree, he's going to need your help with delivering all the presents, and there's only one way to do that: flying reindeer and a fully-loaded sleigh!

This is a daily quest, so you'll get to go up, up and away for a good while before the quest disappears. We think this is going to be how we're spending our Christmas Eve: getting that extra-mega-super Christmassy feeling by delivering all the gifts, knowing that the man himself is way up in the night sky flying around the world while we're flying around Jorvik!

Are you really ready to ride a reindeer?
Another one of the coolest parts of last year's Christmas updates was that we gave you the chance to ride your own reindeer, so you're getting the chance to do it over again this year!

Once you've helped the Councilman in Silverglade get all of those stressful Christmas preparations finished, he'll reward you with some magical reindeer powder which you can sprinkle onto your starter horse (and ONLY your starter horse) and turn it into a reindeer!

You'll get a pretty amazing Christmas look if you dress up in all the coolest Christmas clothes from the special stores around Jorvik AND ride a reindeer! Post your coolest Christmas screenshots to our Facebook page for everyone to see!

Horse Market
Still open in Fort Pinta! Eddie and Ferdinand would love to see you!

It's Christmas!
This is our last update before the big day, and we just want to say thank you so much to all of our players and fans for being the world's greatest! We hope you all have a happy and peaceful holiday season with lots of love and good times!

From all of us, to all of you: a very Merry Christmas!
Love from your Star Stable team <3

Extra-long Double Star Coins Weekend!

2014-12-20 11:00:00
We are running an extra-long Double Star Coins weekend – this means 4 days with Double Star Coins!
Please note that any offer purchased from the Christmas Gift Shop cannot be combined with Double Star Coins.

Promotion ends Wednesday 24th December at 11:00 am (GMT). So hurry!


We recommend:
  • Buy a Lifetime Account this Weekend and get 3000 Star Coins right away (normally it’s 1200 Star Coins). You will also get a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins forever!
Have a great weekend and we'll see you in on the trails!
Star Stable Team

Let it Snow!

2014-12-17 08:00:00
Hi everybody!!

The winter weather has reached Jorvik, and the first snow of the year is falling. Time to feel the crisp crunch of snow under your feet (and hooves!) as the Christmassy feeling truly starts to spread across the island!

The Councilman in Silverglade Village still has his hands full with all the Christmas preparations, and needs your help to make Christmas extra special for him and the villagers. There are Santas to place, cookies to taste, and of course we're not forgetting the horses! You'll need to make sure they get a little extra something over Christmas! Trot over to Silverglade and help the Councilman with his Christmas conundrums.

Time to get out and enjoy the snow!
Time to get out and enjoy the snow!

Christmas Shops
The lovely ladies running the Christmas shops all over Jorvik have stocked up the shelves so that you can get that extra-festive look as you're riding around the island. The Saint Lucia set as well as the Gingerbread set are still available for one more week, so make sure you get dressed up before they disappear!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand have now opened up the horse market in Fort Pinta!

Christmas Dailies
Don't forget to carry on doing all your Christmas daily quests: there's tons to do, and lots of presents to collect from the big man in red himself!


As promised, here's the redeem code for your FREE in-game tshirt! Now you can wear it with pride to say that we made it through the server battery explosion together! Simply enter the code: ONFIRE on the redeem code page to get your awesome free tee delivered to you in-game!

Now, who's starting to get really excited for Christmas?!

Have a great week!
from your Star Stable team

Explosive News!

2014-12-12 16:00:00
Hey everybody!

So, last week was just a little bit crazy, and we’ve all had lots of sleep and lots of coffee since then! We’ve been working out a way to make sure that you guys don’t feel too disappointed by our downtime, and we’d like to let you all know that we’re offering the following to our players because you were all super supportive!

You showed us so much love, so it’s time for us to say thanks!

Horse Care
As you’ll no doubt remember, we made sure all of your horses were taken care of during the downtime. Our team fed and watered all of your beautiful four-legged friends, which you’ll have noticed when you got to log back into the game. This was one way of us saying thanks for all your support during that tough time!

Star Rider Subscribers
Those of you who were on a Star Rider subscription will have missed out on some days because of “The Great Server Explosion of December ‘14”! We won’t let you down… All of our Star Riders with recurring subscriptions will be awarded 4 days’ Star Rider time to make sure you didn’t lose anything you’d paid for.

Here Comes the Really Cool Part…
ON FIRE! Our backup server batteries had a little bit of a meltdown, and to commemorate the fact that we all made it through together we’ve made you all an extra special t-shirt!

Our unique, exclusive (and pretty dang funny) ON FIRE! t-shirt is available for everyone completely free! Show your friends in-game that you stood by the Star Stable team with virtual hugs, virtual coffee, virtual cookies, and real love by wearing this awesome t-shirt on your trails around Jorvik!

Watch our Facebook and News page next Wednesday (December 17th) for the special redeem code to get yours!

A sweet new t-shirt for EVERYONE!
A sweet new t-shirt for EVERYONE!

Truly Awesome Fans
You guys are the greatest, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping us happy during a really tough week by showing your love and support. We really do have the greatest fans in the world! You rule!

Now, we’re off to check the weather forecast for Jorvik because it’s beginning to look like some wintry weather is on the way next Wednesday…!

Big love
from your Star Stable team xx

Fjord Horses Are Here!

2014-12-10 08:00:00
Hi everyone!

Fjords are here!
The Kallters have finally let down their guard and decided it's time to sell their precious Fjord horses! Ride to Nanook and Sedna to take a look at these beauties and decide whether it's time to treat yourself to a cute little early Christmas present...

They're here! Beautiful, brand new Fjord horses!
They're here! Beautiful, brand new Fjord horses!

Turbo-Charged Fjord?!
So we figured you might be excited about the arrival of the Fjords, but we wanted to make this day even more extra-special, which is why in addition to the three beautiful colours you can buy right away from the Kallters, there's also a unique opportunity to buy something pretty extraordinary... One of the brand new Fjords is already loaded up and ready to go from level 10! Yeah, you heard! This means that if you can't wait to scoot around Dino Valley on a fantastically fast Fjord, you can choose the amazing level 10 edition!

If that's not cool enough, then we can also reveal that all Fjords are sold with authentic Kalltic starter gear, meaning they can show off their ancestry and heritage with pride when they finally get to ride out with you around the rest of Jorvik!

Fjord horses can only be bought from the Kallter people in the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur. In order to buy a Fjord horse, you have to have reputation level 'Popular' with the Kallters and have completed the quest 'The Fjord Horses of The Kallters'.

Christmas Continues…
Time for you to carry on helping out around Jorvik with everyone who's getting into the Christmas spirit! Amongst other things, you can lend a hand to the Councilman in Silverglade who's found a sudden interest in making art out of snow!

Time for Christmas Shopping!
You'll have seen the Christmas shops popping up here and there all over the island, and you you'll be able to find some cute Christmas clothing there as well! Check out the freshly-baked gingerbread set, or maybe even go crazy with a crown of Christmas candles! The Jorvegian St. Lucia parade is coming soon, so suit up!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are putting the finishing touches to the horse market setup in Fort Pinta.

Now go! Go ride your Fjords!

Have a great week,
from your Star Stable team x