Help Starshine find his beloved Lisa!


The exciting principal story continues in this week's update. Poor Starshine is looking for his beloved Lisa and he needs your help to find her!

New main mission:
- Lisa's horse Starshine has tracked aimlessly around the Greendale Forest for what feels like forever. He's searched and searched for his treasured Lisa but hasn't been able to find her. Ride to Starshine in Greendale Forest, speak with him and help him look for Lisa. It's going to take cunning, wisdom, courage and a little bit of luck if you and Starshine are able to overcome all that stands between you and Lisa. Together, you're going to journey across Jorvik and meet old friends and new rivals in your quest to solve the mystery of Lisa's disappearance.

To be able to begin the challenge, you need to have started to close the Pandoric cracks. You don't need to have closed them all! You also need to have completed the task with the Master Spy and Linda, and uncovered the second copy of the Light Ceremony book.

Help Starshine find his beloved Lisa!
Help Starshine find his beloved Lisa!

New clothes
- Each of the four Soulriders has their own beautiful horse. In honour of these handsome and elegant steeds you can now buy tops and riding trousers decorated with their motif! Tin Can's tribute clothing can be found in the Vineyard, 'Concordes' in Jarlaheim, 'Starshines' at Jorvik Stables, and 'Meteors' can be found in Silverglade Village!

Have a great week,
from us all at Star Stable

5 days of Double Star Coins for Easter!


We are so excited it’s Easter and to celebrate, we are running an extra-long Double Star Coins weekend!

Buy any Star Coins and get double the amount for your money!

YES! This also doubles the amount of bonus Star Coins you receive with membership purchases!

The offer is available from 09.00 (GMT) this Friday the 18th of April until 11.00 (GMT) Wednesday the 23rd of April. So hurry up now before the offer ends!


We recommend:
  • Buy a Lifetime Account this Weekend and get 2400 Star Coins right away (normally it’s 1200 Star Coins). You will also get a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins forever!
Have a great Easter and we'll see you in on the trails!
Star Stable Team

The story continues on the 23:rd of April...


The thrilling story of Star Stable continues on the 23rd of April. Lisa, one of four Soul Riders, has been missing and now she's finally coming back to be reunited with her beloved horse Starshine.

What has she been up to? Where's she been? Find out on the 23rd!

It's Easter in Jorvik!


Happy Easter everybody!
In this week's update, Jorvik is decorated in the most wonderful Easter splendour! Beautiful feathers and the prettiest, most colourful eggs have spruced up our wonderful island, and what could be better when it's time for an Easter egg hunt?

Easter Egg Hunt:
- Easter is a lovely time of year in Jorvik, and the annual Easter egg hunt has begun! Every Easter, the islanders hide eggs for everyone to find, and if you discover all the eggs a person has hidden there's a present in it for you! Talk to Felix in Silverglade Village to get started with the hunt!

The Mystical Golden Egg
- Big, mystical golden eggs have been spotted on Jorvik. Ride out on a journey of discovery to see if you can find them!

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!

Easter Shops:
- Special Easter shops with clothes, riding gear and yummy Easter eggs have opened up in Jorvik's larger communities. Ride down and check out all the lovely Easter goodies!

Highscore reset:
- Last week's high score reset didn't actually make it into the update, so they're reset from today which means everyone's got the chance to get the top result in all of our competitions again. Good luck!

Have a great week
from everyone in the Star Stable gang!

The story continues on the 23rd of April...


The story continues on the 23rd of April...
The story continues on the 23rd of April...

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