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Some News from the Star Stable Team

2015-03-27 08:00:00
Hey everyone!

Some players have noticed lately that there have been a few issues with Star Stable. In Customer Support messages and on social media, you’ve been telling us about your problems, and we’ve been reading everything and listening carefully.

A big hello from the Star Stable team!
A big hello from the Star Stable team!

Since this time last year, Star Stable has grown at an incredible rate, and as more and more players join the fun, our old systems have been less and less able to cope. Of course the Star Stable team doesn’t want to see existing players and new players having difficulty with the game, and so we’re in the middle of a process to upgrade all our systems. Unfortunately, this can’t happen overnight.

The good news is that all the little wobbles we’re experiencing right now are part of us getting stronger. Since our players and fans are the reason we do what we do, it’s heartbreaking to see you sad and frustrated, and we need you all to know that we’re doing absolutely everything we can.

We have a responsibility to all of our players to deliver value and fun in the game you love, and seeing you all happy is our only aim right now.

We’re at our best and our strongest when we work and fight together. We know waiting is never easy, but if you just hold on and stick with us, we can all be part of the biggest and best horse game in the world together.

As part of making a stronger and more stable game for everyone, we’re introducing an improved Desktop Launcher. One of the reasons we can sometimes experience instability in the game is because of bad connections to the server created by playing through browsers, which is why we plan to get 100% of players using the launcher!

We’ve already started to build a stronger, better launcher so don’t delay! Get your download of the Star Stable Launcher software by carefully following the special YouTube tutorial we’ve made for you below:

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support. We really do have the best player and fan community in the world.

Lots of love from the Star Stable team x

Witches and Pumpkins and Scarecrows, Oh My!

2015-03-25 08:00:00
Hi everyone! Welcome to this week's update!

A New, New Scarecrow
Jasper's scarecrow isn't exactly what it used to be, and he needs a new one for precious pumpkin protection purposes. For one reason and another, you'll need to involve Pi the witch in the creature creation, and she'll need you to collect some very special, very organic, very fair trade goods and ingredients to help her complete her witchcraft. Head over to Old Man Jasper to find out how to get started!

If you were a crow, you'd be scared. Admit it.
If you were a crow, you'd be scared. Admit it.

To get access to this quest, you'll need to have completed the daily where you help Jasper get his scarecrow back, and the quest where you help Pi close the gate to Pandoria.

Fashion Week? Nah, Fashion Fortnight!
All the fabulous fashionable fun is staying at Jorvik City Plaza for another week! Check out the catwalk shows and Raptor's awesome stage performance while you've still got the chance! Since there's a whole extra week of stylish shenanigans, there's of course a whole bunch of new clothes on the shelves at the mall. Take the bus and take a look!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are pitched and ready to trade over at Silverglade. Ride over and say hello!

Nail Varnish: a Correction
In last week's news we suggested that after the work on updating our makeup system was finished, nail varnish on fingerless gloves would return and that the fingers themselves would appear grey. This information was unfortunately incorrect, and we apologise. Nail varnish on fingerless gloves will not return once the makeup update is complete, and fingers will in the meantime appear quite normal.

Thanks for reading, now go scare some crows!
Love from the Star Stable team x

Extra-long Double Star Coins Weekend!

2015-03-20 11:00:00
We are running an extra-long Double Star Coins weekend – this means 5 days with Double Star Coins!
Please note that any offer purchased from the Easter Gift Shop cannot be combined with Double Star Coins.

Promotion ends Wednesday 25th March at 11:00 am (GMT). So hurry!


We recommend:
  • Buy a Lifetime Account this Weekend and get 3000 Star Coins right away (normally it’s 1200 Star Coins). You will also get a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins forever!
Have a great weekend and we'll see you in on the trails!
Star Stable Team

Join the Easter Star Coins Hunt at Star Stable's Exclusive Easter Gift Shop!

2015-03-18 23:00:00
Give the gift of adventure, fun and friendship this Easter!
This year, choosing an Easter gift is going to be easier than ever! The Star Stable Gift Shop is carrying a range of fantastic gift packages superbly suited to Star Stable fans of all ages!

Are you a new player looking for a head start? Or perhaps you're a super experienced Lifetime Star Rider craving the ultimate boost to your Star Coins balance? The Star Stable Gift Shop has great value Star Coins and Lifetime membership bundles to fit all players and all pockets!

What's more, whilst you receive your gift code instantly via email, this isn't just an invisible digital gift; all our packages come complete with a beautifully printed Easter card delivered direct to your door, giving players a super Easter surprise that just has to be better than candy!

Give the gift of adventure, fun and friendship this Easter!
Give the gift of adventure, fun and friendship this Easter!

These incredible Easter deals are available for a limited time only, and here's what you can choose from:

  • 3,000 Star Coins
  • 5,000 Star Coins
  • 10,000 Star Coins our best-value Star Coins bundle EVER!

  • Lifetime Star Rider membership + 3,000 Star Coins
  • Lifetime Star Rider membership + 5,000 Star Coins
  • Lifetime Star Rider membership + 10,000 Star Coins our best-value Lifetime deal EVER!

Get into the Easter spirit with the gift of adventure, fun and friendship!
Click through to the Star Stable Gift Shop right now!

Fantastic Faking and Fabulous Fashions!

2015-03-18 08:00:00
Hey everyone, and welcome to this week's absolutely fabulous update!

Jorvik Fashion Week
New York, London, Paris, Milan, Jorvik! All the world's fashion capitals have got their own fashion week, and now a week of super-stylish special events is taking place in Jorvik City Plaza!

Fashion Week has come to Jorvik!
Fashion Week has come to Jorvik!

Of course you'll want to go and see the fashion shows, but the guards on the door have got other ideas... You'll need to complete tasks and even obtain a fake ID to get into the secret world of fashion, hidden behind the doors of a brand new Exhibition Centre! Open during Fashion Week, you can explore this brand new space as much as you like before the doors close until the next big event!

Where's Raptor?
Well he's at Jorvik Fashion Week, of course! Back by popular demand, he'll be kicking off all the amazing fashion shows with a special performance of his latest (well, only) song 'Hey Yo'!

Hey, Raptor's back, yo!
Hey, Raptor's back, yo!

Fashion Police!
The Fashion Police have a heavy presence at Jorvik Fashion Week, keeping their eyes open for crimes against fashion, taste and style! The elegantly dressed officers will need your help to solve a serious mystery...

Don't get on the wrong side of the Fashion Police, darling...
Don't get on the wrong side of the Fashion Police, darling...

New Clothes
Of course there are tons of new styles during Fashion Week! Go check out all that's on offer at the mall!

Tobbe Larsson
This week is the last chance you'll have to go and memorize all the info from Swedish horse expert Tobbe Larsson by visiting him over near Steve's Farm. We promise you'll want to keep these facts in mind for the future!

Cheaper Transport
We've made the price of travelling around Jorvik even cheaper than ever! Previously, it would cost 100 Jorvik Shillings or 5 Star Coins to use the horse trailer, but from today we've dropped the price to 25 Jorvik Shillings or 2 Star Coins! Happy travelling!

Did you choose the blue eye color when setting up your character, only to find that your eyes were grey in game? Well now we've got that all fixed up so that your chosen color is totally correct!

Makeup Update!
For a few weeks from today's update, we're doing some behind-the-scenes work on how the makeup system works in Star Stable. We want to keep you updated on this because a few things might look a little bit strange for a short time!

Anything that you wear on your hands that doesn't completely cover your fingers will – for a little while – not show your nail varnish if you have any on, and your fingers will appear with a slightly grey color.

This is only temporary, and once we've done all the makeup system updates, your nail varnish and regular fingers will reappear! Sorry about them disappearing for a while.

If this bothers you, we advise you to simply change gloves or not wear any for a little while!

The makeup selection screens will now show you the choices of makeup on a grey face instead of using any particular flesh tone; this is to ensure you can better see the difference between the different styles before you buy them!

You Ask, We Listen!
As you all know, we're trying to answer as many of your requests and fix as many problems as possible right now, and we're really grateful for all of your reports to our special 'issue reporting' email address. Keep them coming! We think you're gonna like this week's fix:

It's back! You can now move server within your own region, exactly as before. If there are no server options showing for you on the 'move server' page, this means that there are no servers with free space, or no more servers in your region. If this is the case, Customer Support cannot help you move server and it's your responsibility to check back and see if or when free space becomes available.

Please be patient with the server move feature; this updated version is very new, and there's a chance we might have some issues with it in the first few days, so please remember to take it easy if it doesn't work right away.

Have a fantastic, fabulous FASHION WEEK!
from your Star Stable team x