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Tobbe Larsson has moved to Jorvik!

2014-07-23 07:00:00
Hi there!
A stray parcel to be found and a new friend to be made as Sweden's top horse expert Tobbe Larsson moves to Jorvik in this week's update!

New quests:
- There are some pretty special world-class horse trainers around, and Scandinavia's favourite way to learn tips and tricks is from their very own man who can talk to horses: the fantastic Tobbe Larsson! Northern Europe's favourite horseman Tobbe Larsson has moved to Jorvik! Tobbe is sitting on a whole heap of incredible knowledge about everything in the horse world, and he's super excited to share his skills with you. He's ready to give you tips and advice every day this week, so ride on over to Steve's Farm and chat to him!

Tobbe's waiting to share his tips and tricks with you about how best to care for your horse!
Tobbe's waiting to share his tips and tricks with you about how best to care for your horse!

New clothes and gear:
- A truly fruity summer set has arrived at the shop at Wolf Hall Inn. Gallop over right away and check it out!

Lost parcel:
- Seriously? Don't you think it's time the delivery driver started looking for another job? Another package has fallen off the back of the delivery truck somewhere along the roads between the Moorland Stables and Wolf Hall Inn. If you find the package and work out who it's for, then you might be in for a little reward...!

Horse Market:
- Eddie and Ferdinand's horse market is back outside Jorvik Stables after travelling all the rocky roads! Right now, they're working hard on fixing everything up ahead of next week's unveiling of three new handsome horses when they reopen!

Midsummer Festival:
- Jorvik's midsummer festivities are over for another year. Hope you've all had as much fun as we did, and that you've danced the crazy Small Frogs dance enough to last you until next year!

Overnight Stays:
- The price for an overnight stay at the hostels on Jorvik has been dropped from 119 Star Coins to 75 Star Coins!

Have an awesome week,
hugs from everyone at Star Stable!

Double Star Coins on all purchases this weekend!

2014-07-18 09:00:00
Buy any Star Coins this weekend and get the double amount for your money!

YES! This also doubles the amount of bonus Star Coins you receive with membership purchases!

The offer is available from 09.00 (GMT) this Friday the 18th of July until 11.00 (GMT) Monday the 21st of July. So hurry up now before the offer ends!

Double Star Coins

We recommend:
  • Buy a Lifetime Account this Weekend and get 2400 Star Coins right away (normally it’s 1200 Star Coins). You will also get a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins forever!
Have a great weekend and we'll see you in on the trails!
Star Stable Team

The Sunfields: a family with a LOT on their plate!

2014-07-16 07:00:00
Hello you!
The Sunfield family have got soooo much to do, and in this week's update it looks like they need all the help they can get!

New dailies:
- As a farmer, it can feel like you might never be able to take a holiday, and that the daily grind never seems to be over. The Sunfield family need your help with a selection of tasks around the farm, so ride on down and talk to Filip Sunfield and see if you can help lighten their load!

Last time we were over at the Goldspur's place, Tristan was trying to protect his beloved sister Isolde by stealing hens from the Sunfield family. Lies never pay off! When your reputation with the Sunfields is high enough, you'll finally be able to find out what happened to Tristan!

Build up your reputation with the Sunfield family and find out how it went for Tristan!
Build up your reputation with the Sunfield family and find out how it went for Tristan!

Olé Olé Ombré!
- Salon Belle in Jarlaheim now has some epic new styles, and our favourite is the super cute Ombré! Check them out and tell us which is your favourite!

Horse Market:
- Eddie and Ferdinand are back on the road for a while now, but before they packed up and left, they left one of the beautiful new Tinkers for you to buy up at the Firgrove Stables.

Have a great week,
from everyone at Star Stable

Help the Baroness!

2014-07-09 07:00:00
Hey hey everybody!
In this week's update, you're gonna be helping the Baroness fix up a new horse trailer for the Riding Hall!

New quest:
­ The Baroness has long been thinking that it'd be a great idea to have a horse trailer at the Riding Hall so that everyone who wants to train their horse can get there just a little bit more easily! Ride over and talk to her, and see if you can help the old dame out!

 A horse trailer by the Riding Hall would be simply

A horse trailer by the Riding Hall would be simply splendid!

New clothes:
­ Super, shiny, summery Hawaiian shirts and sweeter­than­sweet summer shorts have landed at the clothes store at Fort Pinta Beach. Ride over and check out the latest summer styles!

Horse Market:
­ Last chance to complete the quests with Eddie and Ferinand's Horse Market this week! Next week, they'll be packing up their odds and ends and bits and bobs and heading off to their next location!

Have a lovely week,
the Star Stable Team

New Tinker Horses!

2014-07-02 07:00:00
Two new beautiful Tinker Horses have arrived in Jorvik and the Horse Market has landed outside West Cape Fishing Village in this week's update!

New horses:
- Two magnificent Tinker Horses have arrived at Eddie and Ferdinand's Horse Market. Which one is your favourite? The black beauty or the dreamy white?

Cute Tinker Horses!
Cute Tinker Horses!

Horse Market:
- The Horse Market have opened its doors again! This time the Horse Market has arrived to West Cape Fishing Village and they will stay there for two weeks!

With the re-opening of the Horse Market, three horses have returned: a precious pony, a beautiful Danish Warmblood and a beautiful Westphalian horse!

New quests:
- There's always a lot to do when Eddie and Ferdinand arrive to new areas. Talk to Eddie and see if you can help in any way!

New clothes and gear:
- A awesome summer set can be found in the gear shop and the clothes shop in West Cape Fishing Village!

Best wishes,
The Star Stable gang