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2014-10-01 08:00:00
♪♪Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us!♪♪
It's Star Stable's 3rd birthday! 3 years of awesome players, the best fans and the world's biggest online horse game! We think it's time to celebrate!

All this week, Jorvik is filled with amazing birthday celebrations: quests, cool races, and tons of birthday presents! There's a lot going on, so read carefully!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Star Stable! Presents for everyone!
Happy 3rd Birthday, Star Stable! Presents for everyone!

Birthday presents EVERY DAY!
Every day this birthday week there's a new task to complete, which you get started with by talking to the special Birthday Leader in Fort Pinta. Complete the task and get a special birthday present!

Log in every day to complete all 7 tasks, and all the prizes add up to an entire new set for both you and your horse! What's more, this birthday extravaganza and all the amazing prizes are for absolutely everybody, even if you're not a Star Rider!

  • In order to do these birthday tasks, you need to have completed the quest at the very beginning of the game where you've given Thomas Moorland the papers from Jasper.

Birthday races EVERY DAY!
Every single day, there's a different birthday race for you to compete in, with a seriously awesome prize each day! Talk to the Birthday Leader in Fort Pinta to find out where the races are going to happen, and once you complete them, you'll be rewarded with a whole heap of XP for your horse!

The first race takes place in Fort Pinta, which means that this one race and its awesome XP reward is available for absolutely everybody, even if you're not a Star Rider!

  • In order to take part in these birthday races, you need to have previously completed the race at each of the birthday week locations. For example: to run in the Fort Pinta birthday race, you need to have completed it at least once before, and so on for each of the different races.

Awesome new music from JA at Fort Pinta Disco!
Perfectly timed to match our birthday celebrations, it's now time to truly get the party started at Fort Pinta Disco from this Friday with brand new music from YouTube sensations JA! Coming up on Fridays and Saturdays it's time to turn up the volume and enjoy two of their awesome songs: their new single "Caroline" plus a brand new song called "These Days", which the boys have made exclusively available to you, our incredible Star Stable players!

Anton and Jonas from JA can't wait for you to hear their songs!
Anton and Jonas from JA can't wait for you to hear their songs!

The boys have sent some epic posters to the Guard at Fort Pinta so that they can get the word out about their brand new music. Head over there right away and help him put them up all over town! The boys from the band have arranged some special in-game merchandise for you as a thank you for helping them!

Don't forget that you can change the song you hear playing at the disco just by moving from one part of the dancefloor to another.

Amazing birthday shopping!
Special birthday shops have popped up in Fort Pinta, Silverglade Village, Moorland and Jarlaheim. They'll be selling yummy food for your horse as well as super-exciting birthday fireworks!

Gigantic birthday cake!
There's only one thing better than cake, and that's a gigantic cake! In Firgrove, there's an enormous birthday cake and you can buy a tasty sweet slice for just 10 Jorvik Shillings! There are tables in Firgrove where you can sit down and enjoy your birthday treat, or you can even take it to munch on at any of the cafés around Jorvik! Good news for cake lovers: you can buy as many slices as you like, but only one at a time...!

Gigantic birthday cake!
Gigantic birthday cake!

Beautiful birthday fireworks!
So you're thinking "I've been to the birthday shop and bought some fireworks, what now?"... Well you fire them up into the sky of course! You can do this in Silverglade Village, in Fort Pinta, and in Moorland. Be safe with those fireworks!

What?! There's more?!!
Last but not least, Silverglade Village, Fort Pinta and Moorland are covered in pretty birthday decorations! Also, ride out and see if you can spot the extra-special hot air balloons over at Everwind Fields!

So, that's a pretty packed birthday update, and we really hope you have tons of fun playing all the way through this extra special week! Thanks to our amazing players and fans, we're the world's biggest online horse game and it's an awesome feeling for us to celebrate our 3rd birthday with all of you!

Have the best week!
from everyone at Star Stable!


2014-09-29 07:00:00
A message from Star Stable regarding today's downtime:

Never, ever use downloadable tools claiming to be able to hack SSO!
Never, ever use downloadable tools claiming to be able to hack SSO!

This morning, the Star Stable team received some reports that the wrong character was appearing in-game for some players when they logged in. We also received a number of reports regarding a fake 'hack tool' that was released, claiming to offer unlimited free Star Coins to players.

Because of these reports, we've naturally taken down the servers in order to investigate. We take issues like these very seriously, and to take down the servers to allow for a full investigation was our safest choice to maximise account security for our players.

The 'hack tool' is in fact a piece of software designed to compromise the security of your accounts and computers. If you have used such a tool, delete it immediately and make sure to change your password right away to protect your account.

The whole team here are working as hard as possible to get the game back online as soon as possible, and Customer Support are on hand to help you with any worries or questions.

Thanks for your continued patience,
Star Stable Team

UPDATE: The servers are back up! Star Stable's servers are now back up and running. Since our investigation took longer than we'd hoped (approx. 5 hours), we've added a full day of Star Rider time to the accounts of all paying subscribers.

A little extra background:

Wrong Character Bug: We found 11 cases of people being accidentally logged into the wrong account at the weekend. This is because our servers were under a huge amount of pressure. We're really grateful to our fans and bloggers who told us about this early so we could stop it before it became a bigger problem.

Hack/Cheat Tool: We're going to be sending out an email to all of our players very soon to warn you all of the dangers of these programs, why they'll never, ever work, and why using them is a very, very bad idea.

Happy trails everyone! Thank you all for your support and patience :)
Star Stable Team

Autumn Shades and New North Swedish Horses!

2014-09-24 08:00:00
Hi everyone!
More North Swedish horses and brand new Autumn gear in this weeks update!

A growing North Swedish family!
- Two brand new North Swedish horses with beautiful new coat colours are moving in to Goldenleaf Stables this week! Take a look at their lovely colours in the picture below, then ride over to Goldenleaf to see them for real and welcome them to Jorvik!

Two handsome new North Swedish horses available now!
Two handsome new North Swedish horses available now!

More Autumn goodies!
- Gallop Boutique and Tor's Stall in Jarlaheim have stocked up with even more Autumn gear since their last delivery! Brand new leg wraps at 'Gallop', and Tor is offering lovely new saddles, reins and blankets in enchanting Autumnal shades, ready for the cosy cooler weather. Ride down to Jarlaheim now and check them out!

Horse Market news:
- Eddie & Ferdinand have got everything ready at their new location, which means the Horse Market at Silverglade (just next to Steve's Farm) is now open! As usual, they might need a little help here and there, so get on over there and say hello to your old friends!

New music from JA coming soon to Star Stable!
- We're really excited to announce that YouTube stars JA are going to be getting involved with us here at Star Stable!

Anton and Jonas from the band JA can't wait for you to hear their songs!
Anton and Jonas from the band JA can't wait for you to hear their songs!

The band JA is made up of Anton Hagman and Jonas Peker, who are both 16 years old. The guys are from two small towns in Sweden, and they were discovered after they both had amazing YouTube channels where they each sang covers of famous songs.

Anton and Jonas have now gotten together to form their band JA, and their covers have already had over 300,000 views on YouTube. During the summer of 2014, JA have played at loads of festivals all over Sweden and in December, they're off to tour Singapore. Now JA are releasing their debut single "Caroline", and are in the process of making their first EP!

Soon, you'll be able to hear music from the boys on Friday and Saturday nights at Fort Pinta Disco! Get familiar with their sound right now by checking out their brand new video for "Caroline"!!

"Caroline" by JA: coming soon to Fort Pinta Disco, exclusively for Star Stable players!

The boys have given us links to all their social networks, and they'd love it if you wanted to follow them! We think you might find a pretty cool Star Stable surprise if you look in the right places...!

Instagram: @jaofficial_
Twitter: @jaofficial_

You can hear "Caroline" and another brand new release exclusively for Star Stable players at Fort Pinta Disco from next Friday, along with loads of other awesome surprises in what promises to be a super exciting update!

Have a great week!
from everyone at Star Stable!

Double Star Coins on all purchases this weekend!

2014-09-19 09:45:00
Buy any Star Coins this weekend and get the double amount for your money!

YES! This also doubles the amount of bonus Star Coins you receive with membership purchases!

The offer is available from 09.00 (GMT) this Friday the 19th of September until 11.00 (GMT) Wednesday 24th September. So hurry up now before the offer ends!

Double Star Coins

We recommend:
  • Buy a Lifetime Account this Weekend and get 2400 Star Coins right away (normally it’s 1200 Star Coins). You will also get a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins forever!
Have a great weekend and we'll see you in on the trails!
Star Stable Team

Saddles, Shoes and Storage Space!

2014-09-17 08:00:00
Well hello there!
Saddles, shoes and storage space: these are a few of our favourite things, and they're all right here in this weeks update!

Inventory Increase Ahoy!
- You asked, we listened! It's time to give you all some extra space in the different aspects of your inventories. Your rucksack now has more slots in which to keep things, and we've increased the storage available in the closet at your home stable.

Extra storage space because we love you:
  • Your rucksack now has 48 slots instead of 35
  • Two extra tabs in each section of your closet:
  • 8 tabs for clothes instead of 6
  • 8 tabs for gear instead of 6
  • 6 tabs for pets instead of 4
All that extra space for all this cute new stuff!
All that extra space for all this cute new stuff!

Cute new stuff:
- Fashion Barn in Silverglade is all stocked up with some great new clothes, including pink and gold shoes! Jarlasson's Opticians in Jarlaheim have somehow managed to find the same supplier of pink and gold stuff for their new range of glasses, and the Goldenleaf Gear Store is now carrying some brand new reins and saddles in pink and white.

Horse Market news:
- Eddie & Ferdinand have come to a halt on their travels, and are starting to build up the Horse Market in Silverglade just next to Steve's Farm. Opening soon!

Now it's time to go make the most of all that new storage space, and have a fantastic week!

from the Star Stable Team! <3