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Another Visit from our North Swedish Friends, plus a VERY Big Announcement!

2014-10-22 08:00:00
Hi everybody!
Welcome to this week’s extra-exciting news update!

More North Swedish Friends!
Have you ever been to the north of Sweden? In the short summertime, there’s 24-hour daylight but in the depths of the long winter, there’s deep, cold snow and no daylight for months! So we’re left wondering: how can such a harsh landscape create something so cute?! Here are two pretty North Swedish horses who have moved into the stables at Fort Pinta and The Vineyard while they wait for new owners to look after them.

These are the last new horses before some completely new arrivals in just a few short weeks… Are you all busy trying to guess the new breed? We think you’re going to love it!

New little North Swedish cuties: they're going to be even more useful than you might think in the future!
New little North Swedish cuties: they're going to be even more useful than you might think in the future!

Even more additions to your autumn wardrobe!
In case you didn’t quite shop until you dropped in our recent fall fashion weeks, you’ve now got the chance to grab a few extra goodies: gloves and helmets in red and green from Hats & Gloves in Jarlaheim, as well as cute new pants and jackets in the same colours from The Clothes House, right there by the square.

Did somebody say Dinosaur?
Marcus Thorell is the Game Director at Pixel Tales AB, the company responsible for developing Star Stable Online. Here in this exclusive interview, he answers some questions about the brand new area opening in Jorvik this winter!

Hi Marcus! We’ve heard there’s a new area opening this winter, can you tell us anything about it?
- Hey there! I certainly can! Soon, we’re going to open up the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur! It’s a remote and isolated area in a big, snow-filled crater north of Valedale, and it’s filled with adventure and surprises!

We’d planned to open the area a little earlier, but there’s been a lot of other stuff to develop in the game lately. This does mean however that the area is even more thoroughly polished and has a bunch of surprises to offer! It’s a totally new environment where there’s a cold and everlasting winter, and differs from other areas in that the Valley is mostly unexplored tundra where you experience isolation and the feeling that you’re adventuring through a misty and vast frozen world.

OMG! Dino Valley! Tell us what’s going to happen in there!
- OK, we don’t want to reveal too much but what we can say is that there’s going to be lots of quests to do in the Valley. We’re introducing amongst other things a brand new feature where players get to search for fossils and archaeological treasures!

We can also reveal that it’s not all easy riding in the Valley: horses can be affected by the extreme cold, and of course a chilly horse can’t perform at 100%. Top tip: North Swedish horses are the breed most able to deal with that kind of cold right now in the game!

A whole bunch of new and interesting characters are coming to the game, and through interacting with them players will get to learn all about the Valley’s fascinating history and there’ll be amazing environments to explore. There will also be an important development of the game’s main story in the area, which means that the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur is a vital experience for all of our most immersed players!

An exclusive sneak-peek at our brand new area: the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur!
An exclusive sneak-peek at our brand new area: the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur!

What do the residents of Jorvik know about the area? Is it totally unknown to them or is there a familiar history?
- Even though the area has been long forgotten, Jorvik’s history buffs are well aware that beyond Valedale lies a barren and forgotten land shrouded in a freezing and everlasting mist. The area is made up of an ancient crater or gigantic proportions and its interior is doomed to an eternal winter, but nobody knows quite why. Heavy snowfall and the dense mist makes visibility almost non-existent and does a good job of hiding the area’s secrets. Even the most daring of explorers will face risks and challenges in the Valley.

The crater was once completely filled with water which formed a huge lake of ice. The water level then dropped and a colossal ice cave was formed under the sealed surface of ice. After the legendarily harsh snowstorms of 1912, the ice collapsed causing the explorers and researchers in the area to retreat. The crater became isolated and forgotten, once again covered with snow, and has remained untouched for almost 100 years. Until now…

What do players need to have done to be able to get into the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur?
- Many players have already completed the quest where you help Nic Stoneground the explorer to fly his balloon to the Valley, and having done this is of course necessary to be able to get there. Also, it’s planned that players need to be at level 15 to be able to access the mission that leads you to the new area. When the new area is released, it’s Elizabeth in Valedale who introduces the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur.

Level 15?! That’s really high!
- Level 15-16 is the max level you can achieve in Star Stable Online right now, so yeah it’s pretty high, but all of our players who’ve come so far in the game still need exciting new challenges to look forward to. There’ll be more and more XP in the game and levelling up will eventually go a little faster than it does today as the game develops. It will always take a lot of time and effort for dedicated players to get all the way to level 15: it’s important that there are still rewards for that effort, and something for players to look forward to.

How big is the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur?
- The geographical area of the Valley is bigger than the whole of the northern Harvest Counties, so it’s BIG! Without revealing too much, the main difference is that the area hasn’t got much civilization, so there are humungous frozen wastelands to explore. (The map in the game hasn’t been updated yet to show how big the Valley really is!)

Finally Marcus, WHEN IS IT COMING?! We can’t wait!
- Well, we’ve said it’s going to be released in winter 2014. It’s still in production and there’s a LOT of hard work going on here at Pixel Tales to make sure all the awesome features we’ve got planned are just right for everyone. After we release the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur, we’re going to develop it even more and include even more cool stuff, so you could say we’ve got a whole lot of exciting stuff planned.

We’ll get back to you all very soon with an official release date.

Thanks so much for talking to us Marcus!
- Thank you! We all really hope that you’re going to love the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur; we’ve loved making it so much and we’re so excited for you all to see it!

Next Week…
Next week in the Star Stable update, Halloween is coming to Jorvik so stay tuned for some spooooooky surprises!

Have a great week!
from your Star Stable team

Extra-long Double Star Coins Weekend!

2014-10-17 10:00:00
We are running an extra-long Double Star Coins weekend – this means 5 days with Double Star Coins on all purchases!
YES! This also doubles the amount of bonus Star Coins you receive with membership purchases!

Promotion ends Wednesday 22nd October at 11:00 am (GMT). So hurry!


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Have a great weekend and we'll see you in on the trails!
Star Stable Team

The Curious Tale of Big Bonny and the Furious Wasps… and Other Stories!

2014-10-15 08:00:00
Hey everybody!
Hope this October day finds you all smiling! Welcome to this week’s update!

NorthLink Nightmares
Fun fact: Big Bonny’s worst enemies in the whole wide world are… Wasps. Who’d have guessed?! She’s not a big fan of missing trousers either, but you’ve got to help her deal with both horror stories in this week’s brand new quest.

You’ve also got to get your head around Mr. Bucket’s unusually formal grasp of the English language, as well as listen to a few different versions of the truth from the Councilman in Silverglade Village; all this just to build a brand new route for the horse trailer service! These guys sure know how to make an easy job hard! Ride on up to Mr. Bucket to get the bizarrely complicated ball rolling.

Big Bonny and the others need your help!
Big Bonny and the others need your help!

To take part in this new quest, you’ll have had to have completed the previous quests where you help the GED intern to repair the Baroness’ basement as well as helping Big Bonny to repair the Silverglade clock.

Your Autumn wardrobe’s gonna pop with these exclusives!
You’ll be Fall fabulous after a shopping trip around Cape West and Golden Hills Valley this week! The Eco Store in Cape West Fishing Village has got grey and red knitted sweaters ready for these cooler, windier days. Stay cosy with three exclusive colours of baggy pants now in stock at Second Hand + Design (also in Cape West), plus The Crazy Ship is stocking cute gloves in red, black and white at their unique boutique between the Fishing Village and Goldenleaf Stables.

Get the facts!
Now you can get the lowdown on your friends with our brand new 'Inspect Player' tool! Click on their name in chat or the player themselves, and you’ll get the option to check out all the info about what they’re wearing, their reputation with all the different factions on Jorvik, as well as how their horse is doing! Not only that, but you can also see how many of Jorvik’s magical hidden stars they’ve collected as well as how many horses they own plus their breeds and levels! Neat, huh?

Use the all-new 'Inspect Player' tool to check out your friends' skills!
Use the all-new 'Inspect Player' tool to check out your friends' skills!

Oh, and one last thing...
Take a look at your friends next time you’re all taking care of your horses together. Notice anything different?

Anyway, we know she’s totally mad, but tell Big Bonny we said hey. Try and break it to her gently that she might not be quite as statue-worthy as she likes to think she is!

Have a great week!
from your Star Stable team <3


2014-10-08 08:00:00
Hey everyone, and welcome to an extra-exciting edition of our Wednesday News!

Awesome Autumn!
Welcome to October: summer’s gone, nights are getting longer, days are getting colder, and is it just us or is it kinda hard to jump out of bed when it’s all rainy outside? Well, we think we’ve got the solution to these Autumn blues…

Today, we can exclusively reveal that Star Stable has got some seriously exciting stuff in the pipeline for our amazing players and fans over this Autumn/Winter season, and we’re so, so excited to tell you what we’re working on!

Autumn days? Awesome days!
Autumn days? Awesome days!

Holiday Hoopla!
Autumn and Winter are filled with holiday high times, and we’ve got some really fun updates lined up for you this Halloween and Christmas. We all love Christmas-time of course, but the Star Stable team doesn’t want to wait to open our presents, so we’ve got these exciting treats for you before Santa even has a chance to polish Rudolf’s nose…

A horse, of course!
We’re working on putting the finishing touches to a beautiful new breed of horse that we know you’ve all been asking about for the longest time! You’re going to love this new addition to the Star Stable family, and we’re really excited to reveal all, but of course not just yet! We’re keeping the breed a secret for now, and we’ll tell you the release date real soon, so be patient and remember: cute new secret breeds come to those who wait!

Riding Club Deluxe!
Riding Clubs. Everybody knows they’re already super fun, and so many of our players have their own clubs or are happy members of clubs with all their friends. How much more awesome would it be though, if clubs had a magnificent meeting hall where you and your club buddies can meet, and nobody else is allowed? What if that meeting hall had fabulous seats, amazing decorations and exclusive, extra-beautiful chairs for the club leader and her officers? What if your club had a special page where you could write and edit your very own club rules? How about a weekly planner that you can use to organise special club events?

Below is a little sneak peek of our work on this idea so far. We’ll tell you as soon as we can when it’s going to be released, and this might not be how it finally looks – but aren’t you as excited as we are now?! This is going to be so, so cool!

All new awesome features for your Riding Club: coming soon!
All new awesome features for your Riding Club: coming soon!

Get your autumn look at Heavy Metal Scissors!
As if their styles weren’t already cool enough, Heavy Metal Scissors in Jarlaheim is now offering brand new colours of their loose ponytail (does pink sound ok?) and a couple of their other, fringe-less looks (hints of blue, anyone?). Ride down and check them out!

Out and about with brand new tables and benches!
There’s nobody who can say a lovely meal outside isn’t a super nice treat. Fresh air, tasty food and good company plus a whole bunch of uninvited ants. Well, worry no more about multi-legged guests as we unveil awesome new benches and tables where you can actually sit and enjoy your food 100% free from added bugs!

There will still be picnic spots for you to enjoy your picnic baskets, but you can now bring food and drinks from any of the cafes around Jorvik to the new tables so you can hang with your friends and grab a bite! Also dotted around are some new benches with some great views of our beautiful island so that you can sit back, chill out, and take in the scenery! Why not ride out and see where they’re all located? It’s definitely not too cold for a lovely leafy picnic with your friends!

James in Fort Pinta needs your help!
James has had a bit of a nightmare when he tried to get one over on Conrad. He’ll probably tell you all about it when you go to see him in Fort Pinta and offer him your help in this one-off quest! Help him out and we’re sure there’ll be a special little something in it for you.

Horse Market Update
Eddie and Ferdinand have packed up and are back out on the road for a while. We’ll let you know when and where they’re setting up soon!

So there we have it! We hope you’re as excited for our plans for the coming months as we are, and here’s hoping you have some lovely Autumn picnics! See you next week!

Umm… Wait.
Did we just hear someone say something about a totally new and awesome area opening up this Autumn? Maybe we didn't hear properly? Oh well… Better stay tuned for more info then!

Happy trails!

Birthday Double Star Coins!

2014-10-03 11:00:00
We are having the best birthday ever!

We want to thank you all for being such a great community and helping us become the world's biggest online horse game! We couldn’t have done it without you!

So let's continue the celebrations with Double Star Coins this weekend!

This offer ends on Monday 6th of October. So hurry up!

Double Star Coins

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Have a great weekend and we'll see you in on the trails!
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